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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Hug Me, Kiss Me, Love Me

Hello All!
We hope that everyone has been having a good new year so far... It's been a fair while since our last post as the mad rush of Christmas and moving home took it's toll on the running of things here. We apologize for the neglect but it is safe to say everything is starting to fall back into place now, and so we thought we'd take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Valentines Day as it seems that January has just evaporated into thin air once again! It's Scary stuff how time flies but what can I say the Love bug has returned to brighten up our very cold February and welcome it we shall.
We've never been fans of designing things especially for commercial holidays (apologies if that sends negative humbug messages) but if you are stuck for a gift for your loved one this year & want something inexpensive but striking then why not send someone you love one of our animal letter cards, signed or from a secret admirer they add a personal touch to show you're thinking of them!
We also offer a straight to recipient service so you need not blush in person as we can write and send your message straight to their door! (Just email your message along with the order info@sewsmitten.com)
Plus why not give someone one of our aptly themed Love Heart sweets Oyster or Passport holder which feature the sweets with many playful phrases; Kiss Me, I Love You, Be Mine, Dream Boy, You're Fab.....

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