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Monday, 13 February 2012

New Year Updates

Proudly introducing the final letters to complete our Animal Alphabet letters range; Q, U & X now available online as greeting cards, A5 prints or Oyster card holders

It was a hard task to source animals which begun with these rarely used letters of the alphabet but we were determined to do it & finally managed it, and I hope you can agree they are just as beautiful as the rest...
'Q is for...' includes Quail, Queen Conch, Quetzel & Qui Qui
'U is for...' includes Ulysses Butterfly, Unita Chipmunk, Umbrella Bird & Urchin
'X is for...' includes Xantusiidae (which is a night lizard), Xerus (which is an African ground squirrel), Xiphias (Greek/Latin word for swordfish) & Xiphosuran (which is a classification for horseshoe crabs)

Another update for this month was the addition of the lovely Craft Guerrilla to our stockists list! With the reopening and revamping of the Wood Street Indoor Market last Saturday (11th Feb 2012) Craft Guerrilla were one of the few lucky people to secure a shop unit in this up and coming new shopping venue, & we were also lucky enough to join the lovely collection of designer makers to be able to stock some products in their shop come craft space.  So for crafting events, handmade goodness, yummy cakes & lots of bizarre vintage finds then you should take a stroll down to Walthamstow's Wood Street Indoor Market for a look see....

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